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Head pains / pins and needles in head

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Head pains / pins and needles in head

New postby jestahr on Mon Feb 01, 2010 5:04 pm

Firstly I apologize for the lengthy post, I just want to make sure I have given as much information as possible.

I am a 23 year old male. My only existing illness's are depression and anxiety which I have had since I was about 17 and i'm 100% sure are in no way related to the problem I have suffered this last month. (Though admittedly they probably don't help, I am certain they aren't the cause)

Since the start of January 2010: The problems began of an evening, with intense pressure headache on left side of head around temple like I had never felt before, since then every day from moment I wake until I sleep I have varying symptoms assocaited with my head and face. This came out of no where, no head injury or previous illness's like this. Feels like nothing I have ever felt before and no matter how much I try to ignore these problems they are always there. Literally from the moment I wake up till the moment I fall asleep I have these weird and more often than not painful feelings in my head.

I have visited the doctors 4 times in the last month or so, spoken to the NHS helpline twice, and been to listed hospital A and E once. Generally I never seek medical advice for illness as I usually never fall ill, when I do I usually feel better within days. After a week of feeling like this I knew this was not like any illness I had suffered before and despite not wanting to, knew that I should visit a GP as I wasn't getting any better. Now over a month later and still not feeling any better (if anything probably worse now) I am at a point where I don't feel like I can continue living this way. I keep telling myself I will feel better tomorrow, hoping to enforce some kind of "mind over matter" and will myself into good health. Despite telling myself and others I am feeling better I know that I am not.

So far I have been diagnosed with: Too much caffine / Sinusitus / Echsma of the scalp / Chronic Migraines. I have looked into each of these and feel my symptoms do not corrolate with any of these, and the prescribed mediation for each has had little to no effect.

The medication I have taken so far are: Nasonex, Ibuprofen, Betnovate Scalp Application, Amiltrptyline, Paracetemol, Asprin, Olbas Oil. None of which have helped stop the problems, despite some of them helping ease them. Nasonex and Betnovate had no effect at all. Asprin / paracetemol had little no effect. Ibuprofen does sooth the headaches, but does nothing for the pressure or tingling feelings. Amiltrptyline has helped me to sleep, and numbs some of my symptoms.

I have listed these symptoms and their frequencies / durations:

*Pressure in left side of head / temple: comes and goes throughout day

*pins and needles feeling in head left side, sometimes spreading to whole head: 75% of the day

*tingling / crawling /itching feeling usually on top of head, back left side: comes and goes throughout day

*numb / tingling feeling on left side of face: comes and goes

*constant weird feeling on left side of head and face: From moment I wake until I sleep

*Very painful shooting headaches, majority of which only effect left side of head : Few times a day, length varies from seconds to an hour.

*Dull aches in the head, majority of which only effect left side of head: Usually once or twice a day

*tense feeling in left side of head and face : 95% of the time

*shooting pains and aches in left arm, left side of chest, left leg: Infrequent, but daily

*loss of appetite : Always

*occasional blurred vision :Infrequent , perhaps every few days

*weird feelings in head like bubbles popping, water trickling down inside head: Once or twice a day

*Find it hard to sleep, as a result usually awake until the early hours of the morning, and sleeping until mid afternoon/ early evening.

*Strange pressure feeling in forehead, feels swollen almost : Usually once or twice a day

*I usually produce alot of snot / phlegm, however I have noticed my nose is very dry in comparison with how it is normally, producing little to no snot / phlegm. : Since first noticed headaches

*Nose is occasionally blocked on one side. Blowing nose or trying to bring up phlegm does nothing as there is no snot. Feels more like it's swollen - This usually effects the left nostril and left side of my nose. More often occurs after waking, however can happen during the day. : Happens every day, durations and occurance vary.

*Ridgid lines on my scalp that were not there last time I shaved my head. There are a few of these ridges, about 3 inches long and 1/4 inch wide. They are visible to the eye and you can certainly feel the raised bumps when you touch the scalp. They don't hurt or itch, but I noticed them almost immedatly after shaving my head (Which I did so after being diagnosed with head echsma, to a) look for any rash / redness and b) help illeviate any irritation my hair was causing to the area - After shaving my head no redness was found and it didn't really help much with the itchy feeling I have beneath my scalp) : Noticed 2 weeks or so after initial head ache started, still there to this day.

*Fleshy bump(s) on back of head, central upper area. About the size of a 5pence piece, nor eal irriation or itching, do appear to be somewhat red however. : Noticed 2 weeks or so after inital head ache started, still there to this day.

*My eyes appear alot more bloodshot than normal. As if I have smoked cannabis. Visited optician 2 weeks into the problems with my head starting, was told my eyes are pretty healthy and that it's highly unlikely the headaches/pains/twinges i've been experiencing are related to my eyesight: Noticed this during the first week of having the head problems, have been more red/pink than normal ever since.


I have listed above everything I can think of that I've felt over the last month. I've tried to keep them in order of duration and frequency, so it's visible what are the main problems, and which problems may just be conincidental. The main issues I have are the feelings in my head, the pains, the aches, the pins and needles etc. The other issues may or may not be related, but are things I have noticed over the month since the head problems began.

I want to point out I have never in my life suffered with any problems with my head.I could count on one hand the times in my life I had a headache, and these never lasted longer than 20minutes, and would always be fixed with a glass of water, or at most a paracetemol.

I of course hope this is nothing life threatening or serious. However I know there is something wrong otherwise I wouldn't of visited the doctors / hospital or be taking medication. Generally speaking I try to avoid doctors, hospitals and medication and will only go if I really need to. I am currently waiting on a referal letter to see a Neurologist, however my GP has advised this could take a very long time.

Thank you for reading and I look forward to your input.
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Re: Head pains / pins and needles in head

New postby chibilito on Fri Feb 12, 2010 12:29 am

hi i read your post i have almost the same problem.
but the pain is always on my right side of my head.
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Re: Head pains / pins and needles in head

New postby namratasnv on Mon Feb 15, 2010 3:00 am


I think you need to go for proper checkups, as it is somewhere required the most, simply find out what exactly the reason of such pain is. Don't just let it worse with time otherwise it will become chronic for you.

I personally advice you to get doctor's help, I may think that you are suffering from Migrane which can be very dangerous for you.

Try to figure it out soon.

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Re: Head pains / pins and needles in head

New postby Lee on Tue Mar 23, 2010 2:03 am

I am using this site for the first time, typed in the words 'Face tingling', and found your post. Your symptoms sound very much like mine (particularly how they first started) and I am now being treated for Dystonia - Blepharospasm/Cranial/ Cervical.

Many doctors thought that my problem was psychological or menopausal (51 year old female), until I saw a neurologist who recognised some of the symptoms. I now receive Botox injections around my eyes, face, neck and across the shoulders.

It all began one day with a headache and bloodshoot, sore eyes!

Please keep searching for answers. I am not saying that you have Dystonia, I am urging you to keep searching for the correct answers. Have a look on the Dystonia Bulletin Board to see if you recognise similar stories/symptoms. If not then keep on searching - follow the links!

Best of luck
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Re: Head pains / pins and needles in head

New postby welshy on Fri May 24, 2013 10:25 pm

hi just wanting to know if you found out what is was as i have all the same symptoms as you have....
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